Wildfern Whippets ~ Conformation & Companionship

♥ Ch Kana-ka The Music Man "Sparky" ♥

Aust/NZ Ch Noholme Electric Blue (Imp aust) x Ch Kana-ka Solo Singer  



Sparky was my first Whippet. We took him home after some shows in Christchurch, and we hadn't even left the Mcleans Island Ground and he pee'd on me. The first night home he was meant to have slept in a crate in my room - but with him being away from his litter mates he whined and eventually my mum got sick of the whining and put him in my bed, and thats is were he stayed till his last days. 

Wildfern Unspoken Romance ~ Tara

Ronndal Batman Forever x Ronndal Be Bewitched

18/08/2008 - 2/04/2013

Ch Ronndal Rain On ~ Rocks

Aust Ch NZ Gr Ch Statuesque Toronndal x Ch Ronndal Desert Pea

28/10/1999 - 10 August 2011